By Steve Morris and Isaac Leiro




It certainly looks like Liz was all ready to go and get married before something happened to Stardark City. Dressed in a bridal gown and  harbouring a killer hangover, Liz is on a mission of ‘vengeance’ – whatever that means. Taking on worthwhile sidekicks Isaac and Tony to travel with her/be human shields if the time comes, Liz is determined that on this quest she won’t be taking any prisoners. Beware, all you who wear pastels or try go get in her way – this bride  is on a mission… of some kind.



NOT the groom at the wedding, just in case you were wondering, Isaac was attending only as a guest. By himself. Why was he by himself? Surely he has friends and family who would gladly come along to enjoy the open bar? Well, assuming  that Liz was willing to pay for an open bar, which she probably wasn’t. Isaac sees himself as the quiet, restrained type of guy, who fixes problems and talks things through. Although sometimes he snaps. He’s snapped once or twice in the past. It’s really weird how the city seems to have been abandoned, and everywhere is so quiet. What happened to Nicola? Who IS Nicola? If he finds her, will he be calm…. or mad?


ALSO not the groom at the wedding (where IS that guy?), Tony is taking all of this in his stride. Because, you see, it’s probably all part of some trick or prank. Any moment now, cameras will descend or somebody will break into laughter, and he’ll know that he’s been set up somehow. But until that moment comes, you might as well have some fun, right? Eat a banana, get yourselves involved in every piece of casual melodrama that comes along, y’know. After years of feeling a bit trapped by everything that’s in his life, now Tony’s got a licence to mess around, have some fun, make some jokes. It’s going to be fun! Maybe there’ll be cute girls!

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