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Another spot of nonsense! This marks 2 months now that we’ve been going, and it’s been great so far! More readers would always be lovely though, so we’re working hard on drumming up surprise publicity from unexpected places! Keep your eyes peeled during month 3 for Stardark City in the most unlikely of places! And, well, the most likely of places too. Please tell everyone about us! We’d be ever so thrilled about it if you do.

Next week will kick off the first arc properly, as we head on over to Folds Park! Will it be filled with sensible people wearing classy jumpers and reading high-end literature? Or will it be filled with WEIRDOS?! Your guess is as good as mine, although I do write Stardark so that might not be completely true.

If you like the art more than the script (right? RIGHT?) then you should head over to, because I’ve just set up a Tumblr to show off his art! This also marks the point where I’m going to start taking advantage of Danny and making him work HARD. Because a hard-working Danny is a happy Danny! That may not be true either.

So many lies, you guys!