By Steve Morris and Isaac Leiro


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Steve: Welcome to Stardark City! Drawn by Spanish Hero Isaac Leiro and written by me (Steve Morris!!), this’ll be a weekly webcomic series starring ALL YOUR FAVOURITES! Well, this is the first page, so you won’t know anybody yet. But… ultimately, they will be all your favourites, promise!

Thank you goes to the mighty fingertips of battlin’ Danny Djeljosevic, who stepped in as letterer once we all realised I am TERRIBLE at it. Go reward Danny for his valiant efforts by visiting his own webcomic, The Ghost Engine! And then give him a hug on Twitter!

If you’d like to know more about the city and the people making their way through it, click on the ‘where are we’ tab at the top, which’ll be updated with each new strip, with new details and background information. Welcome to Stardar– wait, no, I already said that.

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